After having lived in Monroe for the majority of my life, I am shocked to hear that there is gang violence. Monroe is a sleepy little town that highway 2 runs through; bad things rarely happen here. The incident has been linked to three possible ganges; MS13, 18th street gang, and BPS (Brown Pride Soldiers).

According to the Monroe Police, there have been escalating amounts of tagging going on which signals trouble. Luckily, none of these incidents ended in death, but what may be dying is the residents of the Fryelands idea of safety.

The City of Monroe needs to create a campaign to assure the citizens of Monroe that they are safe, and the Police are doing everything they can to keep these gangs out of our community. The City of Monroe may also need to take some preventative measures to make sure none of this Gang Violence goes on any where close to the four schools located in Monroe. These measures could be something like, having 1 police officer patrol each school, assembling neighborhood watch teams, and educating students gang violence and how to recognize and avoid it. This may seem a bit extreme and preemptive, but better safe than sorry.